Friday, October 27, 2006

How do you Spell Relief for BDA?

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How do you Spell Relief for BDA?


Outlaw said...

Or you could just use a real blogging platform like Wordpress and not have to worry about it.

Pittfall said...

Thanks for your opinion. But this is like saying Google is better than Yahoo! They are both useful, and have both positives and negatives. I can see you prefer wordress.

To each their own.

SEM Certification said...

Nothing worse than getting ready to blog and it's down. I just moved to wordpress and like it better but still too new to know how to do things. Oh well, we'll see.

Pittfall said...

Thank you SEM Certification,

Very good point, but there is something that is lost by switching, namely authority. You have to build your blog like a website, and, even though it may be shorter than a regular site, you will be placed in the sandbox. This is even more challenging when you have no control over the domain that you were on before ( You are unable to recoup the value you have built via a 301 redirect.